Jewellery Care



When not in use keep your Stones That Rocks jewels in their silk organza bags to prevent scratching. Pearl jewellery in particular should be stored separately to protect it.

We recommend storing your jewellery out of direct sunlight and using anti-tarnish strips, which absorb the oxidants that can cause discolouration and tarnish.

To maintain the lustre of your stones and pearls, avoid direct contact with perfume and make up.

Avoid wearing jewellery while showering, sleeping or doing physical exercise.

Avoid wearing jewellery in swimming pools and spas. The chlorine can cause colour changes and even structural damage.

Clean jewellery with a soft damp cloth. Do not use soaps, abrasives or an ultra-sonic cleaner. We recommend the use of jewellery polishing clothes, which can be purchased from most good commercial jewellers or online.

When travelling with jewellery we recommend the use of a case. Jewellery cases roll up for convenient packing and will protect your jewellery.


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