Pearl Guide

At Stones That Rock we put love and care into hand selecting the stones, freshwater pearls and crystals used in all our creations. We have manufacturers with whom we have formed trusted partnerships and we strive for innovation with our designs.

Following international guidelines we have made it our policy to avoid the use of nickel in our jewellery.

Below is a list of just some of the pearls used to create our pieces. As organic elements, not one will be exactly like another, ensuring your Stones That Rock creation is absolutely unique and original.



Fresh water Baroque Pearls come in all shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect for the creation of unique and beautiful jewellery. Most Baroque Pearls come in white, salmon or pink, while darker coloured Baroque pearls, because of their rarity are considered more valuable.


Biwa Pearls originally from Japan, are these days more likely to come from China. They are cultured by mussels not oysters and are said to bring safety, money, love and luck. Often long and flat in shape they can be dyed a variety of colours to make creative and striking jewellery.


Coin Pearls are cultured pearls farmed in China in fresh water. Mussels are encouraged to form a "coin" or "disk" shaped pearl by the addition of a round nucleus to encourage the appropriate shape.


All Keshi Pearls are considered cultured and most are a secondary by-product of pearl cultivation. This doesn’t, however, detract from their colour and beauty, which is often characterised by a particularly high lustre.


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