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Leah Lambert is the dynamic, driving force behind Stones that Rock.

An expatriate Kiwi, wife and mother based in Singapore, Stones That Rock has been Leah’s passion for more than 10 years.

With an international background in both marketing and sales, it was always Leah’s dream to develop a Company committed to producing beautiful, easy to wear and cost-effective jewellery.

It was while living in Shanghai, that Leah’s creative spirit became captivated by the profusion of pearls and semi-precious stones available in local gemstone markets. Establishing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers which are still in place today, Leah brings her own sense of fun and confidence to the design process. Augmenting designs with silver, silk or leather, she encourages a modern twist on timeless themes.

Imbued with an effortless sense of style, every piece in the Stones That Rock Collection reflects Leah’s joy in the creative process.

From the very beginning, Leah together with her friend and former business partner Annie, was determined that their handcrafted collections should be unique and manufactured to the highest standard.  

Hand in hand with this philosophy, has been Stones That Rock’s commitment to charities providing assistance and support for women and women’s health issues. Stones That Rock has been proud to partner with charitable initiatives not only in Singapore but throughout the South East Asian region.

"Stones That Rock is a not just a company producing beautiful jewellery, it is a showcase for jewellery inspired by beauty." 

Leah Lambert