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STR Favourites – Timeless Wardrobe Staples

STR Favourites – Timeless Wardrobe Staples

A year ago, no one could anticipate the world in which we all now find ourselves. Freedoms we took for granted are now denied us, as globally we struggle to come to terms with the effects of a pandemic that has completely changed the way we live.

Lockdowns have seen industry halted and delays and shortages develop.  The fashion and accessories industry, has done its best to adapt to changes in perception, attitudes, production and sales methodologies to ensure the ‘show goes on’ and new products and looks keep coming.

However, in some cases, the response of stylists, editors and fashion leaders has been to encourage a back-to-basics approach, stressing the importance of high-quality materials and design.


Hailing the return of the statement piece or ‘wardrobe builder,’ at Stones That Rock we are embracing this new normal by encouraging our customers to reimagine our classic pieces.  

Providing a stark contrast to lightning-fast fashion trends, our timeless necklaces, lariats, earrings and bracelets offer a season-less minimalism, which defy the need for constant renewal.


In a gloriously neutral pallet, look for Katy, Cee Cee and Cynthia amongst our long necklaces or indulge in the timeless glamour of our baroque pearl studs and drops.

Pearl bracelets mixed with crystals like Windy offer a luxurious comfort during these uncertain times.

The beauty of our short necklaces like Grace and Patty Pearl will never date and lift any outfit, smart or casual.


The difference between fashion and style has never been more evident and can be welcomed as we add classic pieces to our jewellery collection, serving to remind us that sometimes less, is more and that often there is comfort to be found in the familiar.