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Stones that Rock Jewels Rocking the AWA Catwalk for their Annual Spring Fashion Show

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This year's annual American Women's Association Spring Fashion Show was held on 26 April, with an "All About You" theme. 

The Ballroom at the Park Royal Hotel on Beach Road was filled to capacity with 250 beautifully dressed women and men, enthusiastically supporting their friends down the catwalk. 

The models, all drawn from the AWA membership had spent hours at fittings and rehearsals and then makeup and hair, but by "Showtime" their hard work really paid off with a slick, professional and very entertaining show. As for any performance, in the background was an army of volunteers who had spent countless hours selecting the fashion brands and styles and then coordinating the final looks.



Stones that Rock pieces were featured on many of the outfits, giving that extra hint of sparkle or finishing touch. In styling the outfits, we looked to complement the clothing, which was a mix of resort, street, day and eveningwear. Many of the outfits were already quite detailed with embroidery or "busy" patterns, so the addition of a simple bracelet or choker was just enough. Sometimes though, we definitely went for a "more is more" approach, which really made for a stand out look!



We incorporated a number of pieces from our latest Spring Summer 19 Collection into the Show, focussing in particular on the gorgeous moonstone and orange colours and necklace designs from our Fine Metal Capsule. As well as featuring the Stones that Rock colours of summer in the Show, we also featured many of our classic, timeless designs from our traditional neutral palette of champagne, smoky, navy and black as well as many of our gorgeous pearl pieces.



Fashion brands on the catwalk this year were: MAH Collection, White Ginger, Akosee, PinkSalt, Sol Y Mah, Joseph Ribkoff, Erika Pena and Girl with a Hat.




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