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My Hellenic Heart

My Hellenic Heart


I am very proud of my Greek heritage and with my family, I regularly visit Greece to reconnect with my family’s history. These trips are an endless source of inspiration. The cities on the mainland seamlessly blend the old with the new, while in the villages the people, seasons and colours breathe life into timeless scenes providing me at every turn with a new thought or idea. 

Greeks are rightly proud of their wonderful history, which captures not only myth and legend but also implies a sense of place, of destiny and wonder. 

Greek architecture, philosophy, science and art have shaped society as we know it today, and their food, culture and sense of self have helped define who they are and where they stand in the modern world.

For me being Greek means being part of something bigger. You are not only part of a community, you are part of history too and it is this sense of personal identity I try to bring to everything I design.