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Glamorous Giving & Singapore's Passion for Curated Shopping

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An interview with Leah Lambert on Glamorous Giving, Stones that Rock and Singapore’s passion for curated shopping.

From her busy Showroom in Bukit Merah, we caught up with Leah Lambert, the Director of Stones that Rock and founder of Glamorous Giving.

Leah, Glamorous Giving is arguably Singapore’s best Charity shopping event. Why do you think that is?

Each edition of Glamorous Giving is carefully curated to provide shoppers with an experience we hope they will remember and enjoy. We would like people to tell their friends about the event and spread the word.

Brands pay a fee to participate, which goes directly to the Singapore Committee for UN Women so the event has a ‘feel good’ factor, people are happy to spend in the knowledge they are supporting a genuinely worthwhile cause.

How are Curated Shopping Events different?

Curated shopping is about getting the blend right. We want to showcase the very best of local fashion and design but it is also essential to provide the right atmosphere. Brands take part because they support the work of the UN Committee.  There is camaraderie about Glamorous Giving, which adds to the appeal of the event. People look forward to attending, knowing they are going to have a lot of fun, while supporting a wonderful cause.

 What do people expect from Glamorous Giving?

Glamorous Giving has grown to become one of Singapore’s premier sale events, although only locally based brands take part. There is a community feel to Glamorous Giving, which really encourages a positive interaction between customers, designers and brand owners.

Glamorous Giving is also a genuine sale event with everything sold at clearance prices. People know they are getting a bargain when they shop with us.

With Glamorous Giving a fixed event in Singapore’s shopping calendar, what now for Stones That Rock?

At Stones That Rock we are constantly striving to produce beautiful and innovative jewellery with a universal appeal. We want our jewellery to tell a story, paint a picture and give pleasure to the people who wear it.

With a significant online presence and an interactive website, we are rapidly increasing our customer base and exploring new markets and new opportunities globally.

Stones That Rock is looking forward to a dynamic and exciting future filled with the colours and textures our customers have come to know and love.

Any enquiries can be made to Leah Lambert

Photo Credit - Photography by Sandra Macheroux


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