Create & Make! Bracelet Making Workshop

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On the 5 th of June we held our third bracelet-making workshop in our Singapore, Bukit Merah Showroom. At the workshop, participants were able to create their own bespoke Dusty bracelet.
Dusty is a classic Stones that Rock bracelet and is made up of semi-precious stones and pearls; each participant was able to express their individuality and style by creating the perfect bracelet just for them.

The workshop was a great opportunity for the participants to catch up and have fun, all while getting their creativity flowing and learning first-hand about the design and making process of one of Stones that Rock’s classic pieces. It was great for all of the participants to learn about the patience, love and skill that goes into hand making all of Stones that Rock’s pieces.

Our Stones that Rock team loved watching as each of the women in the group put their own creative spin on their Dusty bracelets and how they perfectly matched their personality.
After a great morning of bracelet making and morning tea, each of our participants left not only with their brand new bracelets, but also a fantastic goodie bag. The goodie bags included a peshtemal towel, perfect for our upcoming summer vacations, from Summer Moments, a mud soap full of Dead Sea nutrients from DS Cosmetics and a Stones that Rock crystal bracelet.

If you weren’t able to make it to this workshop and would like to register for the next one in September, make sure to email us at


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